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Palm Donkey
Symbolizing the donkey Christ rode into Jerusalem, this was a donkey made of wood and was possibly dragged along in a procession on Palm Sunday.
(1) Third order lay member in a monastery (2) Child 'donated' to a monastery by his parents (3) Lay brother in a monastery.
Church, Stave
Inspired by Viking houses in Scandinavia, stave churches were churches built from wooden planks set upright into the ground.
Battle, Mace
Ceremonial weapon, first made of wood, then later of metal, used as a symbol of leadership but also as an offensive weapon.
Axe, Battle
Two meters of wood topped by an axe head, notably used by the Saxons and Vikings.
Long pole up to meters in length, tipped with a pointed head it could be used as a thrusting weapon, or thrown like a javelin.